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What is My Home Worth?

Receive a custom evaluation for your home, including comparisons to other homes that have recently sold or are on the market. This guarantees you receive the most accurate information available. To find out what your home is worth, fill out the information below:

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Orlando Short Sale Expert

Should I short sale my house? Will I owe money if I short sale my Orlando home? How do I start the short sale process in Orlando? Get help with the entire short sale process! Short sales in Orlando, FL are very common in it's bustling real estate market. To most Orlando home sellers considering a short sale, this process is very foreign and confusing. Having a real estate short sale expert by your side is the best way to ensure that the process is as painless and problem-free as can be.


What is a short sale? - A short sale is the process in which a home owner owes more on their property than it is worth, or is "underwater" on their mortgage, and they petition their lender to allow them to sell the home for less than the balance.





Will I owe my bank money if I sell my home using a short sale? - This question is answered on a case by case basis. On many occasions, the balance left on the mortgage after the short sale occurs, the deficiency, is forgiven. You will need to consult with a short sale expert in Orlando for the best chances of your lender granting this. Click SHORT SALE IN ORLANDO to find out if you qualify!

How do I begin a short sale on my Orlando home? - Contact Frank Orchilles by calling 407-925-4552, or click CONTACT A SHORT SALE EXPERT to ask Frank a question!





Will a short sale affect my credit? - There is no way to know exactly how a short sale will affect an individual's credit score. We do know, however, that a short sale is much less damaging than a foreclosure and it takes much less time to move on with your life and be able to purchase another home.





What is a HAFA short sale? - A HAFA short sale requires the home seller to qualify under the HAFA guidelines and guarantees a deficiency waiver on the "short" payoff amount. Watch the video for some more info or click SHORT SELL MY HOME and enter your address to find out if you may waulify for the HAFA program!






First Time Home Seller Specialist

Selling your first home in Orlando can lead to many great opportunities if you have a competent first time home seller expert guiding you through the process. Whether you want to sell with enough equity for a bigger home, need relocation assistance after that big promotion, or maybe you bit of more than you could chew during your first home buying experience, Francisco Orchilles will make your first home selling experience a great one.

As your first time home selling agent, Francisco will be there every step of the way. Crucial first time home selling steps that Francisco will carry out include:

1) Conducting a thorough home market analysis to make sure that you sell your Orlando home for the most amount of money possible.

2) Outlining every step of the home selling process in Orlando so that you are comfortable and well informed.

3) Communication is second only to getting you the most money for your Orlando home for Francisco, and if he is unable to answer right away, he promises to call you back within the hour.

4) Negotiating any offers that come to the table on your behalf and getting you the most money for your house.

5) After an offer is accepted, he will coordinate the entire closing of the transaction and handle any bumps in the road with a calm and clear head. 

6) Once your first home is sold, he will help you find your new home and provide the same level of service that you will have come to expect.

Want to know how Francisco can help sell your first home? Click SELL MY ORLANDO HOME FAST and input your information to find out!


See what other home sellers and buyers in Orlando said about Francisco:

"We had the pleasure of working with Frank starting in May 2012. He came in just to do a meet and greet and by the time he left, we had a contract to sell our house in Orlando, FL. He was very professional, friendly and listened to our needs. We were first time home sellers and he guided us through all the major and minor details with ease. We had multiple contract offers in just 3 days. The great news doesn't end there. He also helped to us find a new home 2 hrs away in Clearwater, FL. He found us the perfect home with everything on our wishlist. We are so pleased that Frank was there for us every step of the way. Please call Frank first before you call anyone else for your real estate needs. You won't be disappointed!!!!" - Jennifer and Robert Ledford

"Francisco Orchilles is a highly adept professional with extensive knowledge of the real estate industry. He is very caring of his clients requests and made sure I had everything I wanted in the process of buying my home. I recommend Francisco to anyone who is looking for their ideal home, in a great location, with an affordable price because Frank will definitely find it for you. Thank you for the help!" - Oscar Ortega

"I give Frank a lot of credit, because I am very Type A and have very, very high expectations....I am delighted to say that Frank exceeded EVERY one of our expectations and redeemed our faith in the home-buying experience.  My husband was also very impressed with Frank because I was not stressed out and my husband didn't have to come home from work and listen to me complain the way he did with the last home we tried to buy.  Once we get settled in our home and complete rehabbing it, we intend within the next year or two to start investing in some local properties.  I can guarantee that Frank will be the ONLY realtor we deal with.  I would love to nominate him for any outstanding service awards you may offer to your team, and would be delighted to be a reference for Frank and his abilities." - Danielle Frazier



How important is your home's value?

Knowing what your home is worth is the first step in ensuring that you get the best value for your property in the most efficient and quickest way possible.  The Orlando real estate market has become a seller's market over the past few months.  Home values are steadily going up as inventory in Orlando and the surrounding neighborhoods diminishes. Home sales that end up in multiple offer situations are becoming the norm in the industry.  This is where I come in!  My expertise of the Orlando real estate market and my technology based marketing plans will get your home or property sold for the most amount of money, in the least amount of time.


Pricing your home right from the start will have a huge impact on the outcome of the sale and the seller's net proceeds.  An in depth analysis of current real estate market conditions must be carried out correctly in order to try and predict how the market will respond to a specific price.  All sellers want to get the most out of their home, this is nothing new!

The danger comes in overpricing a home.  Many sellers have a deep emotional attachment to their property and always believe that their home is better than all other homes in the neighborhood.  the truth of the matter is, it does not matter what a seller thinks their house is worth, it does not matter what a Realtor® says a house is worth, it does not even matter what an appraiser says a house is worth!  All that matters is what a buyer is willing to pay for a specific property.  We live in the technology age and buyers today have access to all sorts of tools that helps them determine if they are getting a "good deal."  If a home is priced to high, no one will show up to see it and as the house sits on the market, people will start to wonder what is wrong with it.  Pricing a home for sale is the most important factor in getting your home sold!



Should I sell my house? What if I am underwater on my mortgage?

Welcome to the club!  With such a high percentage of homeowners underwater on their mortgages, it is no wonder that there are so many questions regarding short sales in Orlando!  The short sale process plays a major role in the Orlando real estate market.  Over 20% of the houses sold in Orlando and the surrounding neighborhoods are short sales and it is vital that you have someone on your side to help you through the journey.  Many people are hesitant to begin the short sale process because of a fear of the unknown!  It is an opportunity to start over while keeping your credit intact along with your dignity.  Are you wondering whether or not to short sale?  Fill out the form above or click here to contact me.



Memorable Pictures

Home buyer's LOVE good pictures!  Without quality home pictures, a house may as well not even be listed for sale.  Most buyers prefer to look at pictures before they read any description of the home.  If they do not like what they see in the picture department, they will most probably move on to the next listing.

Pictures will not sell the home, they will prompt the buyer to go view the home, effectively getting them one step closer to buying.  The potential buyer will then go out with their agent and view many houses before picking just one.  In this process, homes will begin to blend together in the exhausted mind of the buyer, and all they will have as a reference back to any specific property, will be the pictures.  This is why they are SO important.  They are the first impression and the last in the mind of the potential home buyer.